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Park-Ward Motors

Park-Ward Motors is North America’s number one classic Rolls-Royce and Bentley restorer, collector and on-seller supplying only the finest condition motor cars world-wide. Our reputation is based upon being the most knowledgeable and experienced in Silver Shadow, Corniche and Bentley equivalent cars and we are proud of being the best in the field.

Park-Ward is dedicated to the preservation through restoration and conscientious maintenance of pre 1990 Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars only. It is a respected purveyor of such cars and prefers to identify itself as a “Care-taker” of the marque as opposed to an “owner”.
Its founder Rodd Sala, born in Australia and dedicated to Rolls-Royce since the 1970s, has been a notable collector and knows the marque well.
“We are “collectors” foremost and “buyers and sellers” secondary”.
Park-ward Motors was originally incorporated in Australia is 1982 with the American division, currently based in Illinois, established in 2006. Park-Ward Motors is a licensed dealer under the Illinois Secretary of State but still prefers to acknowledge itself as a collector for the benefit of the marque as opposed to a traditional motor vehicle re-seller.
Pride for the Rolls-Royce and Bentley brand is its motto and Park-Ward’s  dedication to the quality maintenance and preservation of these fine cars is strived to a level that, we hope, would make the Company’s forefathers proud.

Park-Ward Motors is experienced in all facets of repair and maintenance. Specifically those idiosyncratic issues and nuances that make us both love and hate these British classics. Hydraulic and brake system repairs, electrical gremlins and leather & wood restoration to RR workshop standards are just some of our specialties.


Rolls-Royce 20/25, 25/30, Silver Cloud, Shadow, Corniche, Spirit/Spur and Bentley equivalent specialists.

We are the largest on-seller of classic Rolls-Royces in the USA supplying these great cars world-wide. International sales and shipping are our specialty.

We are humble in what we do so always feel free to call Rodd Sala directly to discuss any repairs, service or restoration needs you have. Big jobs or small jobs, we do them all. At Park-Ward we understand not everyone who owns a Rolls-Royce is a zillionaire (nor do you have to be!) so we are happy to discuss and prioritize work on your car to meet your budget. We are great at understanding your needs, likes and desires. We also do bespoke work so if you want to add picnic tables, new wheels, pin-stripe or colour change, or any other modification you have in mind, we can do so for you. We are also an excellent source for parts, accessories and technical advice.


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